Ariana Grande x Alicia Keys - No Diary To Cry In (Mashup)

Raheem D

  • Release Date: 17 Okt 2018
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Ariana Grande and Alicia Keys collaborate in my mashup titled "No Diary To Cry In". It features Ariana Grande's hit single "No Tears Left To Cry" and Alicia Keys' single "Diary". I've had this mashup sitting in a folder for a few months and recently I found myself playing it more and more. It was supposed to be for SoundCloud but after sending it to my friends they fell in love with it so I decided to post it for you guys! I love the R&B/Soul sound this gives "No Tears Left To Cry" and I believe the piano really compliments Grande's beautiful vocals. NTLTC is a notoriously hard song to mix because of it's unique chords and I didn't have the best acapella (you're going to have to look forward to lower quality acapellas this year I think because nothing official leaked for most songs so I do apologise.) but I do hope you enjoy what I've come up with!

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