Wavin' Flag

Wavin' Flag

Young Artists for Haiti

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2010-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:19

Music Video


  • Soooo amazing!!!

    By macy234
    Wow! Canada has such great artists. Avril, Nikki, Drake, Knnan, and JUSTIN BIEBER. He ended it really well, I thought this song would end so abruptly. But it didn't. Good job Justin!

    By Mystey person
    I absolutely LOVE EVERYTHING about this song!!!!! The ending with justin was wonderful and wasn't an ubrupt ending I love love LOVE this!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Well done Canada! (as always the world can count on you!)

    By curtis88
    The song is extremely powerful! I have heard the four main versions -the Spanish and English worldcup versions, the one with David Guetta and this one. By far the most inspirational one is this one, especially on video. I highly recommend it. However, if you are looking for K'naan's original theme I would recommend the other video versions. And unless you are a soccer fan, I would stay away from the "celebration" worldcup remake versions. This particular video is pretty amazing in that it includes many Canadian icons along with some less known (to those down here), but still amazing, plus according to their facebook page 100% of proceeds will go to charity!
  • would of loved it more

    By its_Swelly
    i loved this in spanish more than in english cause of "The Retard" (Justin Bieber) other than that i liked it (Will.I.Am and Taboo YOU ROCK!) other than Justin Bieber it would be good, and seriously you all need to get real!!! but still it all means good lol (LOL PITBULL)
  • Where' Michael Buble???

    By U-train
    I loved it! But...I REALLY wanted to see Michael Buble!
  • justin did it again!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By justin bieber's wife :D
    ILY JUSTIN BIEBER this song is catchy and the song is awesome it stays in ur head the whole day trust me its always happens to me JUSTIN MAN U DID IT AGAIN and with sean kingston BUY IT haters back off of justin please
  • they save the best for last

    By yoitsMJDYJswaqq
  • Much better.

    By Hedley<3
    I'm in loooove with this, and I'm completely American. This is much better than We Are The World and Jacob Hoggard is in it, so why wouldn't you want to listen to it?(:
  • way to go Canada!!!!

    By IDon'tWant1
    I'm American but yet I think they did a horrible job on "We are the World." this though is AMAZING!!! And of course Justin did an absolute amazing job ending it. First on We are the World and last on Wavin' Flag! haha great job to all the artists!!
  • Buy thisss!!!!

    By Great cd.... Worth buying
    This song is sooo good!!! I love the random French singing in some parts! Justin bieber did a great job on the last few lines

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