Origins (Deluxe) - Imagine Dragons

Origins (Deluxe)

Imagine Dragons

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2018-11-09
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 16

  • ℗ 2018 KIDinaKORNER/Interscope Records


Play Title Time Download
Natural 3:09  
Boomerang 3:07  
Machine 3:01  
Cool Out 3:37  
Bad Liar 4:20  
West Coast 3:37  
Zero 3:30  
Bullet In A Gun 3:24  
Digital 3:21  
Only 3:00  
Stuck 3:10  
Love 2:46  
Birds 3:39  
Burn Out 4:33  
Real Life 4:07  


  • Return to real life Dan

    By Bo and Ro 4 EVA!!!!!!
    Hey um Dan my buddy my friend you need to keep God and Jesus out of your songs unless you’re planning on praising them because bad things happen because of the devil trying to destroy us God doesn’t sit back and watch he is working his tail of for a beautiful and glorious plan for you and the bad stuff if it dosent kill you it will make you stronger
  • YES

    By Ninjago Jaya shipper 22
    Natural sounds a lot like rise up, but I love it anyways 😅
  • We need more of this!

    By the emoji person
    People are disappointed. I am not. Stop listening for what they did before. The world changes. So do they. They pack all of their thoughts, emotions, and dreams into their songs. If you would rather hear people sing about the same thing with no emotion for a whole album, go somewhere else. These are about feelings, relatable or not. “Real Life”, I think, is about finding more, traveling more, seeing more. People say this is artificial nonsense. I feel it is authentic and emotional. That is all I have to say. Thanks for reading all of this.
  • Why is this album highly rated

    By brady r creasy
    Sorry I like imagine dragons but this record wasn’t really good at all
  • Go back to the old

    By music boyyyy 1233432
    I really don’t like this album I really just miss your old songs like radioactive. The only song I actually like on this album is natural
  • I’m sorry

    By Princess Meem 💖👑
    This has to be their worst work. As much as I love pop music, this isn’t the imagine dragons I know. I’ll still be a fan. But go back to your older stuff. That’s what made you imagine dragons.
  • Nice

    By panda icey
    This album is nice but the only song I like is natural. 👌
  • Yeayea!!!

    By vvbvgvgffcfbhvgerrrrrt6u
    I haven’t heard anything like this. i can’t wait for another album
  • If u don’t put 5 star 🌟 on this album, ur dumb as hell

    By Hawkpool
    On some reviews, people are complaining that Imagine Dragons should go back to their alternative style, but u can clearly see in the description that IT IS ALTERNATIVE. I agree that they have changed in the past few years, but in a good way. Bad Liar is my personal favorite 😙😙🍒🥝
  • Unexpected

    By Wya11 The R1ot
    At first when I listened to songs such as Bad Liar and Natural, I thought those were the only really good songs. However, now that I've listened to all of the songs multiple times, "Origins" is my favorite album from Imagine Dragons. I have no doubt they will continue to make such nastalgic and amazing music in the near future!

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